Spacious 2 Story House Just Steps To 26th Avenue Beach In Santa Cruz

"Fantastic Vacation for Multiple Families. I am a repeat visitor to this beach house. I have stayed at this house at least once a year for the past few years with family and friends, and I have made some very fond memories there. I would go so far as to say that I consider this house my home on the West Coast. When family and friends get together, having the ability to all stay in the same house not only saves us money, but it also allows us to spend quality time together. This house also lets us bring our dogs, and it has tons of room for everyone, which other houses that we stayed at before lacked. Before we found this house, we stayed at several others over the years, but there was always some major drawback; either we felt cramped with all of us jammed into a 1500 sq foot house, or the pull out beds were super uncomfortable, or they were far from the beach. This house isn't the most updated (style-wise) but it has a lot of great personal touch that easily makes up for that, and, it has none of the draw backs we found in other places. There are 3 - count em- 3 areas for entertaining! And plenty of room in all those areas, so if everyone wants to hang out together, there's room, but also plenty of space to divide and do your own thing. The kitchen opens up into the dining room, has a window to the living room, and also looks out over the ocean! I have watched a lot of sun sets over the coast while making dinner. All of the beds are incredibly comfortable, even the pullouts!!! And, there is decent privacy for everyone, even if sleeping in common spaces. The hot tub is also an added bonus, especially for those days throughout the year when it gets a bit cloudy in Santa Cruz - it's not sunny and warm all the time, and the weather seems to turn very quickly, which makes the hot tub even more enjoyable. The location of this house is also a huge plus. It takes me less than 30 seconds to walk to top of the stairs to the beach, where there is a bench I like to sit on - a lot of the time when I'm visiting, I'll take my morning coffee there to watch the surfers catch waves. It's also a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts - bicycling around the area is easy and relatively safe, it's flat roads mostly, with access to some amazing road riding in the mountains. The owner of the property is from the area, and her and her family know of tons of things to do in the area - restaurants, day outings, rock climbing, bicycling, thrift stores, dog parks - which has been super helpful." - Repeat Customer for Life!, Laramie, WY, 11/16/2016 (VRBO Review)

"Ultimate family getaway. The owner really thought of everything, from kids bikes to wet suits to sand toys. We've stayed here multiple times with the family. Most places feel cramped with the lot of us but not this house. Great social areas but we also have our space. Kitchen is huge. Being so close to the beach is perfect. Hanging out at the beach there makes you feel like a local. Great views from the balcony. Hard to find other places that are dog friendly, with a fenced in yard for them to play. We will keep coming back!" - BLeggett, Muskogee, Oklahoma , 08/22/2016 (VRBO Review)

"this place needs major renovation. We had a great time in santa cruz, but the house we rented was expensive for how much renovation it needed. We were also sent a bill for many things that were not put back in their exact location we found it when we arived: for example: if the pot and pans are not stacked right you will get a bill, if a pillow was found in another room you will get a bill, if you moved a potted plant so it wont get damaged you will get a bill, if you leave anything in the fridge you will get a bill. I could keep going but unsure why we pay for cleaning service when we are expected to clean the house the way we found it. We felt after we left that we were scammed out of a deposit with an additional bill. We have rented many houses on vrbo and have never had something like this happen with no damage. We go on vacation to enjoy ourselves. We will return to santa cruz but will never return to this rental." - Michael M., 05/16/2016 (VRBO Review)

"This beach house is fantastic. Wow what a wonderful experience staying at the 26th avenue beach house has been. We enjoyed a week long family reunion in concert with my sister's wedding and it has been as warm and wonderful as one could imagine. The home is large and comfortable with a great fully equipped kitchen, nice dining area, big great room with fireplace and plenty of bedrooms and nooks as well. The views are spectacular- your practically right over the beach and the the Monterey Bay is just so picturesque. Really lovely experience this beach house is. I'd definitely recommend this beach house to any family or group who wants to have one of those remember forever experiences. All the descriptions advertised are accurate. We have nothing to complain about at all. The owner was very helpful- she expressed that she wanted everything to be right for our special occasion and I thought that was very sweet." - Sam and Anoly, Santa Cruz, CA, 03/06/2016 (VRBO Review)

"You can clearly hear the ocean waves at night.... The beach is no more than a 45 second walk away from the front door and you can see the Santa Cruz Wharf and the Light House at Steamers Lane through the windows! The property described in the owners review was accurate but there's so much more, auto security gates and auto garage doors for perfect off road very private parking, too much to list. Quiet neighborhood was also nice. The house was spotless and the yards beautiful. The owner happened to be there when I arrived and was very nice and very pleasant and there are several contact numbers in case we needed anything additional, we didn't and the house was supplied with everything you would expect, bring your own clothes and food and you will be good to go. We would all agree that this is a wonderful home and would highly recommend this home to anyone wanting a spacious place to stay in Santa Cruz. I went with my Mom, Sister and her hubby, my Son and his wife and 3 of my Grand Kids and there was still room to get off to yourself if you needed to (I didn't need to as a family we get along wonderfully! : ) We went to Phils Fish Market (Moss Landing, about a half hour away to the south) for the worlds best Halibut Fish and Chips then off to the 17 Mile drive in Monterey. You will see Pebble Beach and Spy Glass golf courses while there as well as my favorite, The Ghost Tree, actually it is the HUGE old stone house across the street that I adore the most on the "drive". If you go do NOT miss the artichokes in Castroville, buy them raw and take them home, nothing like store bought!, much more tender and flavorful than the store bought ones. Shadowbrook Restaurant is the best but don't miss the Crow's Nest for it's ambiance. No... I do not know the owner and I am only being honest here, if you like the ocean I highly recommend staying in Santa Cruz especially in Feb/Mar and Oct/Nov for some beautiful weather. It rained and poured a few times but the two fireplaces upstairs made it seem dreamlike... the sun was shining most of the time... B" - b p., 04/04/2014 (VRBO Review)

"Amazing location! Great dual family home!!!. I couldn't have been happier that we found this property and chose it for our family getaway! For starters - location, location, location!!! This house is a minute walk to an incredible beach that is dog-friendly, and easy access for small children as you access the beach down a well-built staircase and not through a steep dirt trail. If you forgot anything, or needed a restroom - no problem, just a quick walk back to get whatever you need. Being able to get to the beach and back without getting into a car was amazing! When was the last time a beach vacation didn't require a thorough interior car detailing when you got home? Then there is the house. So many plusses. For starters, we were a dual family group - my husband myself, my husbands brother, my sister, her husband and their three children ages 4, 2 and infant. Oh, plus two dogs. The layout of the house was perfect. The security of the property for small children and pets is unbeatable. The driveway is completely gated, then additionally the yard is fenced to the front of the house, so there is a double barrier kids and pets would have to get through to access the street. It was really peaceful knowing kids and pets could play in the backyard without worry that they could get to the street. Although - side note - there is a very picky neighbor somewhere nearby that complained to the property manager when we left the dogs in the backyard during our trip to The Mystery Spot (the only time we left the dogs home without us) stating that dogs could be heard barking "for hours on end". First off this was during the middle of the day, and secondly we were gone for two hours, so "hours on end" is a stretch at best. Besides we heard other dogs in the neighborhood occasionally, not to mention could hear the sea lions "barking" from the water (which was amazing). Plus, being a dog-friendly beach and open to the public there are people and their dogs walking to and from the beach all day and night. But just a word to the wise consider leaving pets in the house rather than in the backyard, as I fear the "negative nellie" in the neighborhood is trying to get the owners vacation permit revoked, which would be a complete travesty to those of us who could in no way experience such an amazing beach vacation without people like Jean who share these amazing properties!" - Michelle M. and family, North Lake Tahoe, 11/21/2013 (VRBO Review)

"Hi Jeannie, Thank you for a wonderful stay this past weekend. We all had such a great time and loved the beautiful home. It was really wonderful being so close to the beach and we spent most of our time outside biking and swimming. We would love to come and stay here again. Thank you, Phu " - Phu P., San Jose, CA, 03/18/2013 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"Jean, Our stay was great, what a location. The house was clean, no problems what so ever. And we came in 2nd place for the second time in 3 years so all and all a great time. Thank you, John " - John W., San Jose, CA, 02/24/2013 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"this is such a fantastic, clean home that is incredibly comfortable with a large group of people. The beds are very comfortable and there is enough space for large groups of people. The kitchen is stocked with appliances so there is no need to bring anything but your food. The garage is stocked with activities, from bikes to ping pong tables, and even wet suits. Everyone should stay here it's awesome, comfortable, and a great price " - Leela K., Santa Clara, CA, 02/03/2013 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"Hi Jeannie. Again, thanks for the great place .... we had a wonderful time! And boy oh boy did we luck out with the weather. Perhaps not as nice as the prior weekend, but beautiful, sunshiny blue skies, and a couple of beautiful sunsets. ......... Because of the beautiful weather, we were able to get out and walk! Not sure how far it is to Capitola but some of us did the walk to town Friday and Saturday, some both days. We played lots of bridge, read books, took walks on the beach, yacked and in general just had a great time. The sleeping arrangements are awesome! We ended up with 8 .............................. Everyone commented on how comfortable their beds were. I slept in the day bed .................. I had 2 of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time! On the tables -- we had enough for 2 tables of bridge. And the table downstairs AND upstairs living room were perfect. On Friday, we were even able to play out on the deck as there was no wind (to blow the cards around). All in all a wonderful weekend in spite of our total paranoia about being too loud. I guess we passed that test. Thank you again. Barb " - Barb F., San Jose, CA, 01/27/2013 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"Hi Jean! We had an amazing time. The house and location were everything we could have asked for. Thank you so much for letting us rent it out. Thanks! LC " - Leon C., Milpitas, CA, 11/04/2012 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"Suzanne. Once again we enjoyed another 2 week stay at your lovely home. Talk about location, location, location. Loved the large enclosed parking, because I noticed parking would have been a challenge on the street. Great views, and well appointed. Another, thing we like is that the beds where very comfortable. After many visits I still can't wait to come back. It was great to find a place that would take our dog. We enjoyed walking and playing on the beach. The enclosed large backyard is an extra plus. Thank you for sharing your home with us. Suzanne and Family" - Susie, Alamo, CA, 10/11/2012 (VRBO Review)

"JG. We've stayed here many times. The beach and the views are fantastic. We never want to leave" - Lovebeach, Bay Area, 10/03/2012 (VRBO Review)

"Nice property, unfortunate experiences with owner. The physical aspects of this property were mostly satisfactory. It has lots of room, and is very close to the stairs that descend to the beach (you can see the ocean, but you can not see the waves or beach from the property). The surrounding neighborhood is pleasant and quiet and close to numerous amenities. The enclosed parking was nice. The garage and outdoor shower were useful. The furnishings and decor of the house ranged from nice to a little shabby (the kitchen and bathrooms were showing there age a bit). My experience with the owner was not positive. When we arrived for our 4 day family reunion, we were surprised to learn that the house had not been cleaned. The owner arranged for a cleaner to come, but it was a considerable inconvenience to our group (including 4 children under 6). After discussing our frustration with the owner, she agreed to refund our rental fee for that first night. When I arrived home after the weekend, her check had already arrived. I deposited the check, but the next day she called to say that the check would bounce and that she would send another check as soon as possible. The refund check did bounce, but she never sent another check and has ignored my repeated attempts to contact her. I never received the refund I was promised. I would not recommend this property to friends and family, due to my unsatisfactory experiences with the owner." - Eric M., 11/18/2011 (VRBO Review)

"Jean, We had a great time at your house. there are plenty of clean beds ,bed sheets,towels and dishes. We love the view from upstairs, enjoy stepping down to the beach. " - Melissa C., Huntington Beach, Ca, 08/23/2011 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your beach villa. It was so nice to be close to the beach and your home accommodated our family very nicely. I have recommended your place to others. " - Linda R., Sacramento, Ca, 07/27/2011 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"Hi Jean, we had a wonderful time at your beach house. We spent every day on the beach with easy access from the house. We all enjoyed the views from the deck, living room, and kitchen. Hopefully this will be a annual trip us. Many thanks, Joey" - Joey H., 512 Pemberton Lane ,Fo, 04/29/2011 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"This house was perfect size for our group. We did a group mini-retreat for three days. Enjoyed sitting by the fireplace, and cooking dinner together. What I liked the best: The neighborhood bicycling " - Mike C., Reno, NV, 03/18/2011 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"absolutely perfect!!! the best birthday i ever had! the deck overlooking the ocean with warm sunshine beaming from sunrise to sunset was unbeatable! accommodations exceeded my expectations! enough kitchenware to serve a crab dinner for 15, enough living space for a family of 7 to enjoy each others company without feeling cramped, and a comfy place to watch the oscars. by the way...where did you get those amazing butter!!! thank you jean for everything!!! " - Leslee b., Santa Cruz, CA, 02/14/2011 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"My Aunt's 60th Birthday was Wonderful here.. All I can say is "WOW" We (16 of us ranging in age from 4 months old to 62 years old) enjoyed 4 nights in this wonderful home. We felt so priviliged to be able to stay here, we could relax around the house and still enjoy the view of the ocean, and the sound of the waves. We saw dolphins and a whale from the Deck, along with beautiful sunsets. Then we could walk 1 house down and be at the beach, and enjoy it up close. I appreciated the outside shower, and my husband and granddaughter enjoyed the hot tub daily. It also worked out well with the reverse floor plan, as the younger members of our group had the downstairs and they could stay up later and the kids could run around without disturbing the more mature adults that went to sleep earlier. I would without a doubt recommend this house to anyone that is looking for a place to stay where everyone could do whatever they want to do, go to beach, bicycle to the Boardwalk and Wharf, relax around the house. Thank you so much for allowing us to rent this property." - Lois, Coulterville, CA, 10/01/2010 (VRBO Review)

"We had a wonderful time again and look forward to staying again next year if it is available. Best, Jesse " - Jesse R., Ste 240, Sa, 04/26/2010 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"Great Family Location. 26th Ave. is a great location. As described, it is more a "local" beach and sitting on the deck with coffee it was nice to watch the surfers going down for their morning dip. It was clean and very well equiped including crockpot and coffee grinder. The bikes were a great addition as well as ALL the beach equipment. Thanks, Jean we had a fantastic weekend!" - GV Mary, Grass Valley, CA , 03/26/2010 (VRBO Review)

"A great house for a great time!. This house was all that was advertised and more. It was nice, but not so nice that you felt uncomfortable settling in and clean. There were twin beds in the 2,3,&4th bedrooms, much more comfortable than the usual queen beds. The kitchen was more than generous, with dishes, glassware and utensils for 25+ along with all the necessary pots, pans, electric appliances and serving pieces. The garage was filled with beach toys & boards and bikes. There was parking for 1 car in the garage and 5 on the pad inside the gate. All linens were provided, along with soaps (dish washing, dishwasher, laundry, & bath) and paper goods. The only downer-- a cold and not clean hot tub but we enjoyed the gas fireplace instead. The house is located in a quiet residential neighborhood and you need a car to get to the sights & sites of Santa Cruz but the waves are only 50' away. This house was perfect for the weekend away. We were lucky to have found this gem! Enjoy" - 60 Birthday gal, Silicon Valley, 02/11/2010 (VRBO Review)

"We absolutely adored the house; it was way more than the website described. We just wished we had more time to really enjoy the house, the bicycles and the neighborhood. Thank you. R and L Asselin" - LYNNETTE A., , 06/27/2009 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"The 26th street house is a total *KEEPER* in the world of vacation rentals in California. The house is comfortable and well appointed with great beds. The single beds are good for folks who don't necessarily want to sleep together, or they can be pushed together to make kings. We found the location of this house to be ideal. Love the neighborhood. The 26th street beach is diverse, with family groups, boogie boarders, surfers, and lots of other *people watching* sights to see (as well as a plethora of cute dogs). Having the bikes was so fun, with the SC/Capitola bike paths very accessible. All in all this is a fabulous place to stay in one of the most fun destinations on the CA coast." - Nancy P., Mokelumne Hill, CA, 04/19/2009 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"If you are planning ANY event around the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area, don't even consider renting any other house than the lovely house on 26th Avenue!! It was the most lovely house you can imagine. Every single need you will have, has already been thought of by the owner> We had a group of 21 thrilled family members for my Mother's 90th birthday. We biked (10 or more bikes there), we swam( wet suits provided), we walked ( lovely beaches..seals..dolphins..a whale..sailing regatta before your very eyes and more. You don't have to spend money eating out, just cook in the well provided ( and I mean EVERYTHING) kitchen, then go out on the deck and watch the dolphins while you eat. Go jump in the hot tub, or start a fire on the beach and listen to all the people singing in various groups..Are you getting the picture that we will be returning ? Well we will..thank thank thank you!" - Gale W., Montague, Ma, 04/08/2009 (VRconnection Guest Feedback)

"A house for all seasons!. We just spent a fabulous long weekend at this property. The floor plan is just perfect to take advantage of the breathtaking views. All the amenities made it so much more comfortable.You will find everything you need for the seashore, bikes and a hot tub.Just steps to a wonderful beach where we spent time surfing, boogie boarding and just watching the sea otters and sea lions frolic.Extremely comfortable bedding and luxurious towels. Convenient Washer/dryer and the kitchen was fully loaded with equipment that made it a pleasure to cook (if you want), great Farmers Market. Or you can walk a couple of blocks to restaurants.Very short ride to downtown.We loved spending time on the deck watching sunset or running on the beach. There is so much to do or just spend time relaxing. The furniture was new and the house very clean. The owners have taken great care to attend to the details. Will most definitely return." - so cal gal, calabasas, ca, 10/17/2008 (VRBO Review)

"Great Beach Property with lots of room. This property was fantastic for our stay with a team of 11 people! Lot's of room with space for large groups to gather as well as private bedrooms to get away for some quiet time. Excellent off street parking with garage space as well as private gated parking for several vehicles. Property was very clean and had very nice linens and ample towels in all of the three bathrooms. Kitchen was very well equiped for cooking meals and plenty of dishware for large groups. Amazing balcony space for hanging out and enjoying the wonderful views of the ocean. Close to several local coffee houses and fun dinning experience. Would highly recommend this property for family gatherings!" - CRSunshine, Aptos, CA, 03/09/2008 (VRBO Review)