Spacious 2 Story House Just Steps To 26th Avenue Beach In Santa Cruz

Nice property, unfortunate experiences with owner. The physical aspects of this property were mostly satisfactory. It has lots of room, and is very close to the stairs that descend to the beach (you can see the ocean, but you can not see the waves or beach from the property). The surrounding neighborhood is pleasant and quiet and close to numerous amenities. The enclosed parking was nice. The garage and outdoor shower were useful. The furnishings and decor of the house ranged from nice to a little shabby (the kitchen and bathrooms were showing there age a bit). My experience with the owner was not positive. When we arrived for our 4 day family reunion, we were surprised to learn that the house had not been cleaned. The owner arranged for a cleaner to come, but it was a considerable inconvenience to our group (including 4 children under 6). After discussing our frustration with the owner, she agreed to refund our rental fee for that first night. When I arrived home after the weekend, her check had already arrived. I deposited the check, but the next day she called to say that the check would bounce and that she would send another check as soon as possible. The refund check did bounce, but she never sent another check and has ignored my repeated attempts to contact her. I never received the refund I was promised. I would not recommend this property to friends and family, due to my unsatisfactory experiences with the owner.

- Eric M. 11/18/2011