Spacious 2 Story House Just Steps To 26th Avenue Beach In Santa Cruz

Hi Jeannie. Again, thanks for the great place .... we had a wonderful time! And boy oh boy did we luck out with the weather. Perhaps not as nice as the prior weekend, but beautiful, sunshiny blue skies, and a couple of beautiful sunsets. ......... Because of the beautiful weather, we were able to get out and walk! Not sure how far it is to Capitola but some of us did the walk to town Friday and Saturday, some both days. We played lots of bridge, read books, took walks on the beach, yacked and in general just had a great time. The sleeping arrangements are awesome! We ended up with 8 .............................. Everyone commented on how comfortable their beds were. I slept in the day bed .................. I had 2 of the best nights sleep I have had in a long time! On the tables -- we had enough for 2 tables of bridge. And the table downstairs AND upstairs living room were perfect. On Friday, we were even able to play out on the deck as there was no wind (to blow the cards around). All in all a wonderful weekend in spite of our total paranoia about being too loud. I guess we passed that test. Thank you again. Barb

- Barb F., San Jose, CA 01/27/2013