Spacious 2 Story House Just Steps To 26th Avenue Beach In Santa Cruz

this place needs major renovation. We had a great time in santa cruz, but the house we rented was expensive for how much renovation it needed. We were also sent a bill for many things that were not put back in their exact location we found it when we arived: for example: if the pot and pans are not stacked right you will get a bill, if a pillow was found in another room you will get a bill, if you moved a potted plant so it wont get damaged you will get a bill, if you leave anything in the fridge you will get a bill. I could keep going but unsure why we pay for cleaning service when we are expected to clean the house the way we found it. We felt after we left that we were scammed out of a deposit with an additional bill. We have rented many houses on vrbo and have never had something like this happen with no damage. We go on vacation to enjoy ourselves. We will return to santa cruz but will never return to this rental.

- Michael M. 05/16/2016