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VRconnection Tutorial - Measuring & Analyzing Success
Measuring & Analyzing Success
At this point, you should have a good idea and overview of how VRconnection can help you better manage and administer your rental reservations. But VRconnection doesn't stop working for you after you have refunded a security deposit and closed out a reservation. Each inquiry and transaction that is handled is archived, so that VRconnection can provide a whole host of analytical tools to help you better measure and analyze the success of your rental endeavors.

Analyzing Marketing Performance
Each VRconnection property has it's own 'Performance Analysis' area which details various aspects of how well the property is performing. The first page lays out performance metrics regarding the marketing of the property on the VRconnection and affiliate websites. A tabular display (see image right) details various categories of activity regarding your property including the number of views various pages of the listing are receiving, how often the listing is being displayed in the browse and search results on the VRconnection website, and the number of e-mail and phone inquiries being generated as the result of that marketing effort. Two columns of data are presented: the first displays the current month of activity, while the second shows totals since the listing was activated. Clicking on arrows at the top of the month column allows you display previous monthly tallies.

Below the tabular display, two historical graphs are presented to highlight the annual trends for several key metrics (see image to left). The top graph maps out the listing view activity over the past 12 months. Through the graph, you can see how interest in your property rises and falls throughout the course of the year. Below that, a similar graph maps your inquiry performance across the same time span. A complete accounting of your previous years marketing activity is captured in a single screen, allowing you to better target your peak and off seasons.

Inquiry/Booking Stats
A second page under the 'Performance Analysis' area breaks down your inquiry activity in even more detail (see image right). One of the strengths of the VRconnection approach to vacation rental management is it's ability to work with inquiries that you get from anywhere, not just those generated through our own extensive marketing efforts. Our innovative 'Offer a Reservation' procedure can be manually initiated to handle inquiries you receive elsewhere and can even be connected directly to over 50 alternate vacation rental advertising services.

Whenever an inquiry is added to the system, the source of that inquiry is noted within the transaction, allowing for a very thorough analysis of where your inquiries are coming from, and more importantly, which of those inquiries are converting into bookings. Two pie charts and an extensive month by month table detail this information. A single click of the mouse can adjust the time frames of the analysis (all time, last 12 months, this year, last month, and this month). The table displays your conversion rates month by month and can be rearranged to instead group by inquiry source. This wealth of information can give you excellent insight into which advertising is working for you, allowing you to spend your ad dollars much more effectively.

Rental Stats
A final page of the 'Performance Analysis' breaks down your actual rental statistics. This tabular display (image to left), gives you an excellent understanding of how your rental is performing financially. The table details your occupancy levels, average stay length, income, and average nightly rates. Data can be categorized by year, month, and inquiry source. Armed with this knowledge, you can better understand how your rental performs month to month, allowing you to better price your peak times of the year and discount your slower periods.

All in all, the data presented under the 'Performance Analysis' section helps you to refine your approach to all facets of your vacation rental. From choosing the most productive advertising vehicles to pricing your rental appropriately, VRconnection has all the bases covered to make you the best vacation rental by owner you can be.

Well, that's about it (or at least enough to give you an idea of what VRconnection is about). If you like what you see, click here to list and manage your property with VRconnection.

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