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VRC Qualified Properties
VRconnection is in a very unique position in the vacation rental market in that we not only provide owners the ability to advertise their properties to vacationers from around the globe, but also offer them a whole host of management facilities to assist in the administration of their reservations and guests. When an owner chooses to utilize these facilities, our service helps them to be organized, responsive and proactive when performing the duties of a vacation rental manager. Use of these facilities also affords a little bit of third party 'oversight' into these activities. VRconnection compiles a historical record of reservation handling and makes some of the details available to vacationers as additional background regarding a particular property and owner. While vacationers are still responsible for doing the proper due diligence when arranging for a stay at any of the properties advertised (see our disclaimer), the exclusive background information presented by VRconnection should provide an additional level of comfort when doing business with the owner and property in question.

VRC Qualification, or Q rating, is based on a color coded scale of 'palm trees':

Successfully performed over 100 transactions via VRconnection
Successfully performed 50-100 transactions via VRconnection
Successfully performed 11-50 transactions via VRconnection
Successfully performed 1-10 transactions via VRconnection

A properties Q rating only reflects previous performance and is not a guarantee of future results. Also, properties that have not been qualified by VRconnection, simply indicate that the owner has chosen to work with their guests privately and we simply have no historical accounting of their reservation handling. Rest assured that VRconnection is committed to providing a safe travel resource and works diligently to ensure that owners that utilize our service do so with the utmost integrity. If you have experienced a problem with any of our listings, please let us know and we will investigate.

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